Automatic Searching

Q - What do the following services have in common? Backtype.com, Blogsearch.Google.com, Search.Twitter.com

A - They all allow updates, either via RSS or email, whenever your particular search term is found.

Between the three of them, you can be notified if someone mentions your name, your company, your competitors, or even your current gadget love interest, be it in a blog entry, comment, or even a tweet. We all have something that we enjoy reading about or knowing about, why not give them a try? Subscribe to their alerts via RSS or email, and let the updates start rolling in.

(note: News.Google.com has RSS feeds for their search terms as well, if you are looking for mainstream news outlets)


Google Reader *heart* n8x0

I am happy to say that the new version of GReader works many times better on the Nokia N-Series Browsers. Instead of having to go to a crippled version designed for cell phones, you can use the normal reader. It's a bit sluggish (though that may be the device), but certainly serviceable.

I haven't used it that extensively, but the I was able to get around the various feeds without difficulty. One more app that I use on a regular basis available on the n800. I'm loving it.


GReader - Facelift. But is it Faster?

Official Google Reader Blog: Square is the new round.

Looks like GReader is getting a facelift.  I hope it plays better with the Nokia browsers than the current version.  I use Reader all the time at my PC, but am forced to use the mobile version when away beause the MicroB browser on my n800 crawls so bad it's unusuable.

I can't wait to try it out!