This is the NEWS

I was talking with my wife yesterday, and she mentioned that she had turned on the news to just catch up as to what was happening in the world. She turned it off when all that was being shown was non-stop coverage of the funeral of a young athlete that was killed last week (it's always sad when someone dies, but especially at such a young age).

That was the news, that was all of the news. Despite the fact that it was a very tragic and local event, it highlighted the very reason that I have not watched the news in a very long time: You will be informed of what they want to inform you about, and you will like it.

One has no control over what they see. You get the commercials, and stories are drawn out. Either a little bit of everything is covered, or in the example above, one thing is covered very well, but nothing else. Certain news stories that may be of interest will be teased at but not actually covered until well into the broadcast (no doubt trying to hold the audience for as long as possible). Obviously there is a better way. It's no wonder that the industry can hear their own death tolls. The general trend over from hard hitting to newsertainment is a clear indication of this.

A side note: I knew things had gotten bad when the local channel here had a section called "cyber-corner" where they basically read word for word headlines that were posted online earlier that day. I don't want to hear what a website reported on from the newscaster on TV, what do you think Digg is for? No thanks.

Personally, I'll stick to my radio (during the commute into work), and various RSS feeds. I get the news, both in quality and in quantity, the way that I want to.