Blog-smchlog! I'm Too Busy to Blog

Too busy to blog? Count your keystrokes. « Jon Udell Annotated

Was the email message you wrote to three people possibly of use to thirty, or three hundred, or thirty thousand? If so, consider blogging it — externally if that’s appropriate, or internally otherwise. Then, if you want to make sure those three people see the message, go ahead and email them a pointer to it.

This is a very good article, especially for people who feel that they are too busy to blog, or even that there is very little business sense in doing so. All too often do I see people write some great peace of marketing advice and send it off to a client. Then a few days later, they are looking for it in their email so that it can be copied and pasted, and then sent right out again.

Getting your name or your companies name out there, especially in relation to your specific field, is never a bad thing. Why not practice keystroke conservation?